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Your Slip is Showing (2016-ongoing) contains still and moving images. I began this series with the words. First, the word "slips" which I wear and collect. And then the word "permission" which I do not need. The words combined to give me permission to play with these feminine articles of clothing. As I began to work with my slips, I began to imagine new narratives for them. At one point I even named them, conjuring female heroes like Nellie Bly and Emily Dickinson. And then suddenly the slips led me somewhere deeper, to a childhood memory. My parents arguing. My mother's broken arm. The story I was offered in the morning was that "she had simply tripped on her slip." There was nothing simple about this story. Unfortunately, it's a universal one. Ageless. Senseless. Personal.

A percentage of the proceeds from print sales from Your Slip is Showing is donated to domestic abuse centers across the United States.

In March 2021, the image She Didn't Trip-i was offered in conjunction with a multimedia projection called Art After Dark, sponsored by J. McLaughlin store, Boca Grande, Florida. Proceeds from print sales benefited C.A.R.E.FL,the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies, Victim Services Center in Charlotte County Florida.

I created the experimental short Jewel Tones (HD video, 4:04 min, 2021) to be shown in conjunction with the Art After Dark event. The film features local residents Alyssa Brocker, Angie Brocker, Amanda Dinger, Brianna John, and Makala Macdonald.