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The Sinks(s) is an on-going project. Each picture is a diary entry of sorts--a record of all I consume, my organic and inorganic matter: food, thoughts, solitude, companionship, cutlery. Day after day I attend to what's there before me: my duties and my loves. I let light and the reality of my day--my remains--compose the picture. I find wonder and solace in this exercise. And occasionally poetry.

Of All the Sisters
Patricia Christakos, April 2018

Of all the sisters

Please not Hestia.
Please not the housewife
house frau, house bound

swallowed by Saturn
when darkness prevailed

first in, last out our
goddess of place purged
yet mannered fierce yet
her fires
burn brightly
come closer to see

her core careful
she burns with
those eyes, unseen.

Please not the housewife
Please — just the Blaze.