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Here is where I create collaged portraits of real and mythic female identities and assemble them into an imaginary space named Ein,iha. Composed either in-camera with water, light and natural elements or digitally, the subjects appear reluctant, skeptical. With their guarded expressions, they seem hesitant to let us into their worlds, yet we persist, curiously, cautiously, respectful. We want to learn more about them, their psyches, where they store their secrets, their sources if they wish to share. We need to learn from them.

Ein,iha offers such a place for learning and sharing. A safe place for useful secrets.

'Ein,iha' is an acronym, created as a meditation mantra: everything I need, I have already. Although its precise etymology remains mysterious, strong evidence points toward the matriarchal. The comma--the pause--seems critical.

I created Field Notes to record, cipher and experiment with Ein,iha's many meanings and potential. More muses will join us. And thoughts, words, performance. Weather reports. News clippings. Poetry. The field is fluid. The project is on-going.


@March 15, 2020

Everything has changed. Covid 19 is real. It's here. I'm alone but well. Ein,iha As long as my loved ones are safe.

@June 1, 2019

Just read Rebecca Solnit's Cinderella Liberator. Once again totally enchanted by Solnit's work. Ella (Solnit's reimaging of Cinderella) reminds me that whenever I speak of Ein,iha to others, I must also add: "and How are You?".

@May 26, 2019

Ein,iha is a lost language, found.
Ein,iha is ancient. A place, ravine.
Ein,iha is herself. Seen.

Ein,iha is a clue. Ein,iha sees
us through to
morrow and beyond.


@May 15, 2019:

Re: atmospheric conditions AL
Remain alert. Proper tending and vigilance
essential. Strong possibility of tumult.


@January 20, 2019
An editor once told me that I spoke with velvet gloves.
Today a friend gave me Ein,Iha gloves. They are green and made of leather. The velvet was a metaphor. The leather is real.
And much more powerful.


@November 7, 2018

Ein is said N, like the dash, the en dash, a specialized known by only a few. The line that separates words from action, fact from fiction, tallies: the Senate on Saturday voted 50–48 to confirm. The I here is silent.


@Oct 5, 2019:
I shared my word. In public. It didn’t go well. Ein,iha, my word, got lost in translation, pronunciation, inane conversation. Emptiness. But for you, I’m willing to try again. I’ll go slower next time.